Masters of Health Science (Psychotherapy)

Ros is a registered Psychotherapist with the Psychotherapy Board Aotearoa New Zealand (PBANZ), a member of the NZ Assoc. of Psychotherapists and has a Masters of Health Science (Psychotherapy) First Class Honours.

She has 34 years experience in the mental health field and has a special interest in trauma and recovery.

Ros works with clients who struggle with depression, anxiety, trauma, addiction in the areas of both individual and group therapy.

Ros’s clinical work is informed from a psychodynamic perspective which emphasises the quality of relationship between therapist and client, a belief that the past impacts the present and therefore it can be useful to explore the past so one can make more sense of present difficulties.

Ros has been a senior lecturer in NZ tertiary institutes training students of counselling, social work and psychotherapy. She also enjoys providing clinical supervision to other mental health professionals.

Ros believes that psychotherapy should be a co-operative experience between therapist and client, with the therapist always respecting the wisdom and life-experience of the client.